Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ZLDA Helps You to Change Accessories in Two Seconds

I just browsed information on the Internet and something interesting and funny arrested my attention: ZLDA Landscape Rings. I really fall in love with those lovely and cute items. So I spend some time on finding more information about them and share them with you.

Zelda Beauchampet, a young designer from Holland, is living and working in the Netherlands now. The jewelry under her name is pretty and original. People are shocked and intrigued by her works.

The Handscape rings consist of several separate landscape rings and each ring include many elements like trees, birds, hands, buildings, rabbits. No matter what you do in the life, no matter where you go, your hands show a different life style. You can pick two or three elements you like and combine them together in your own way. You can be the designer of your rings. That is interesting, isn’t it?

Do you want to change your necklace anytime, anywhere? Let me tell you that one necklace will make your dream come true. Mr Neckless is a unique one which can be changed yourself. Picking from three kinds of noses, hairdos, glasses and mustaches, you can create a male face you like. Each element is provided in seven different colors. How marvelous its versatility is.

Made from transparent plexiglass, Mr Neckless features a long chain. You can wear one piece or layer two or three pieces together. Therefore the production quantity is large, but each necklace stays unique.

What about you? Do you like them?

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