Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burberry: Show My Heart to You

I love summer because I feel relax after a winter’s cold weather and this is a reason in which romance shows dreaming charm. Girls wear their lovely dresses and boys prefer to outside activities. The Burberry Heart Collection comes in time.

As we all know, the Burberry is a world famous brand and its luxury products are leading the fashion world. It was set up in 1856 by an apprentice, Thomas Burberry who is 21 year old. Since then, many celebrities and famous people have stuck to the renowned Burberry checks or the Burberry Equestrian Knight. You can’t imagine the influence the Burberry has on fashion world.

At the beginning, the Burberry produced well-made patented raincoats and special clothes for military use. After several years, those famous checks captured women’s skirts, handbags, even the perfume boxes. In 1999, Italian designer, Robert Menchetti, started to manage Burberry. He helped Burberry make a substantial improvement in handbag industry.

In this collection, Burberry combines the heart prints with outstanding Burberry plaids. This unite almost covers every product under this brand, such as handbag, rubber boot, jewelry and even scarf. They all look so cute and romantic. They are not only best accessories flattering your look, but also good gifts for your best friends or family members. I want to buy all of them for my own wardrobe.

What about you? Do you like this collection? Just imagine that you, wearing a pair of heart prints boots, walk in rain. It must be a wonderful experience.

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