Thursday, September 15, 2011


Eye is that part of the face which attracts others for your beauty and personality. Therefore the make up of eye has its own great importance in all other make up. Therefore it should be make up the eyes with more attention. In the eye make up the mascara, eye liner and eye shadows are not so difficult to apply on the eye as to put the contact lens in the eyes. These contact lenses are found in different colours such as pink, red, violet, blue and green. They are used according to the colour of dress, functions and parties and they increase the beauty. They are found in the form of thin layer and put into the eyes and they bind on the eyes. They are put into the eyes be carefully.
The trick to put the lens in eyes, firstly you should be wash your hands and put the lens on your palm and rinse it thoroughly with the appropriate lens solution then hold the lens on your finger tip like this that it should be in the shape of ‘U’ and both the corners of this ‘U’ are straight vertically. Don’t try to pull the corners of your lens because it can damage. With the help of your thumb put it into the eye that its surface touch the centre of eye and binds it like a gum. After this you should be close and open your eyes twice or three-ice and if you feel better then you have succeeded to put it otherwise if you feel pain or pricking then remove it from the eye immediately because it can damage your eye. Try again to put it and when your eye becomes comfortable to open and closes then you understand that your lens’s adjustment is accurate. Look closely into the mirror and roll your eye around the circle to sure this that you are easier.

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