Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hidden Side Exposed by Violet Darkling’s Jewelry

I know that nowadays there is a special room for Twilight-things related in fashion world. That has been a fashion trend while Violet Darkling’s magical and bold jewelries show the deep meaning of that trend. When talking about jewelry, some people always hold the idea that wear it today and toss it tomorrow. If you have the same thought, you may change your idea when you face with the Violet Darkling’s pieces.

When you look at those fabulous pieces, you will think about the fairy tales during your childhood. They will remind you of all the unsearchable and weird things.

Let’s get to know the designer first. Louisa Richwhite is an enthusiastic and active designer of New Zealand. This collection totally reflects two sides of his character. One is the artistic talent and the other is his zeal for the mystical and magical things. In London, he finished his artistic education and cooperated with another two New Zealand fashion designers: Karen Walker and Mala Brajcovic.

Here are some marvelous ones from Violet Darkling’s first collection – Treasures of Darkling Wood. The designer puts a slightly morbid edge on luxury jewelry in this collection. The unisex line features panther head rings, spider earrings and skull cufflinks. It is true that jewelry you choose will show your own personality and fashion taste.

I just want to hide those elegant and, say, cute jewelries like real treasures. So what about you? Do you like them? Do you have the courage to wear them?

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