Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 10 Lists of Best Methods to Lose Weight Naturally:...


If you are a busy body and have no time to hit gym, yet prefer bringing down the weight, then find “Top 10 Lists of Best Methods to Lose Weight Naturally”. Just stick to the points mentioned below and you will succeed in bringing your weight down without visiting gym, taking up strenuous activity, going under the knife, or employing tablets that have umpteen side effects.
10. Chart out a weekly menu that lists out low GI (Glycemic Index) diets. Diets rich in fibers take time to get digested, resulting in bringing down craving. Thus you eat less and lose more.
9. Consume closer to 8 glasses of water a day, water helps maintain metabolism and at the same time control hunger pangs. It also aids fat processing in your body. So, go to the break out area now and take a cup of water.
8. Design your diet to contain lot of vegetables, eggs, fish, seeds and nuts. With eggs, avoid consuming the yoke as it will shoot your cholesterol up. Vegetables supply limited calories while maintaining the blot in your stomach. It is light on stomach and good for fat processing.
7. Ok, now for some reality, hang on. Your body demands some kind of physical activity to speed up fat burning. Since you are a laid-back kind we suggest you induct sneaky workout into your day to day activity like parking your car further away and walking to shop. Next time miss the lift and use the stairs. Apart from keeping you fit, it will bring down your weight. We now know, the post title should have read Top 10 Lists of Best Methods to Lose Weight Naturally With Light Exercise.
6. Protein is the building block of the body and taking it in right amount maintains the body’s metabolic rate thereby aiding fat reduction through the day. Pack a snack of protein rich diet and have it during the day. However, do not to overdo this protein stuff or you might end up hurting your kidneys. Consult a dietician for guidance on how much is better.
5. Avoid stuffing yourself in the night. You body is at rest and requires less energy thereby stores the excess as fat. Eat like a prince in the morning, eat like a king in the afternoon, and eat like a pauper in the night, the saying goes. Stick to it and you will find yourself thin in no time.
4. Avoid gobbling up food in one go, break the large meal into 6 tiny meals, eating one at 8:30 AM in morning, followed by 11 AM , then 1 PM, then 4 PM, followed by 6PM, and end it with one at 8:30PM. In case you hit bed late take a tiny fruit or consume milk to subside hunger.
3. Rein in your sweet tooth as sugar is high in calories that end up finally as fat in your body. In case you are addicted at the least make it a point to avoid sweets after 4 PM in the evening, else you will regret.
2. Considering the fact that fruits are good for weight loss, we suggest apples the foremost. An enzyme Pectin present in apple will make you feel full keeps it up for a long time. Result? You naturally desist from harping on junk foods.
1. Now to the psychological warfare. Try not stack you fridge with junk foods, more you see them around more you would grab them. Stock your kitchen only with those foods that are healthy and fat free. Fried items are banned from your vicinity, remember.
So now your are equipped with knowledge to fight fat with the above listed “Top 10 Lists of Best Methods to Lose Weight Naturally”. All the best!

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