Thursday, September 15, 2011


Before starting makeup it is important that you make your skin ready for makeup with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Once you complete these three steps, you will be ready to do makeup. Make up can be divided in the following steps.
Base. Always start your makeup with good base. Women having normal skin can use moisturizer to make their face ready for whole day. Women having rough skin then foundation helps to prominent complexion and their face look clean. Once you moisturize your skin now you can easily use a good foundation. It is available in different forms. 1. liquid foundation
2. cream foundation
3. solid foundation
But remember, whatever foundation you may use, it should be blend well. If you are using liquid foundation, blend it with wet sponge applying strokes outside. If you need more natural effects then mix little water in it. Your make up will look light.
Women having oily skin should use foundation that can control oil. This foundation controls pores excreting oil and makes face fresh for many hours.
Powder and blusher. Use canceller to hide dark circles around eyes and acne on the face. Canceller is usually available in stick or cream form. Always try to use open powder and use it with powder brush. It gives an excellent finishing to the makeup.
Blusher if used properly it enhances your face beauty. There are three types of blusher available in market.
1. jell blusher
2. cream blusher
3. powder blusher
Eye make up. Always keep in mind the shape of your eyes while doing eye make up. If you do natural eye make upon eyes it can give good results.
Lip stick. Correct use of lip stick can change your whole face look. If you are using light lip stick then eye make up should be dark and if dark lip stick then eye make up must be light. Always make an outline of lips with lip pencil. Women having thin lips can make them prominent with pencil.

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