Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plus Size Women: It’s the Show Time

It is unnecessary to worry about your bigger size. Many people thought that a plus size and curvaceous girl is sexier than those who look thin and slim. So do not cover them up. Just show your confidence and sex appeal with the big size clothes. Here is a point. You should pay much attention to matching skills of clothes. Here are 7 steps that lead to the charm you want to gain.

1 It can be seen here and there that the larger girls always choose the sack-like clothes and tries their best to cover themselves up. As a matter of fact, this way will decline your hotness. Instead of full coverage, you should expose the body part which is beautiful.

2 You should know that the black is your best friend. It is an almighty color which can be used under any circumstance and in different situations. It makes contribution to your slimmer look. If you are going to a evening party tonight, wear that little black dress.

3 Know well your body shape. To be honest, it is very crucial to you to choose a suitable dress which flatters your figure. Generally speaking, women are “pear shaped”. That is to say, they have big bottoms. So it is wise to transfer others’ eyes from the hips to breasts.

4 I have mentioned skills to expose sometimes. That doesn’t mean that the more fresh you expose, the sexier you look. Just expose the place you are satisfied with or you have confidence in. You can try a V neckline dress to emphasize your better feature.

5 Avoid colorful dress or one with various prints. If your skin color is light, a single colored dress, not a black one, will be your best choice.

6 Instead of shopping around in the fashionable cloth stores, watching those patterned dresses, why not go to the luxury accessories shop to purchase a chic belt for better look.

7 An unfitted bra will ruin all the efforts we have done before. So be sure that your underwear is perfectly suitable. If it is too tight or too big, you will feel uncomfortable as well.

I really hope those tips will help you to show your sex appeal and charm in the life. Raise your heads and smile. You are a beautiful woman.
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