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Top 10 Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast: Best Exercise to...

image The industrial revolution in 18th century improved the lifestyle of people, but came bundled with laziness as the machines took over. Slowly the reign of machines crept into homes alike leading to numerous health related issues to its occupants. The percentage of obesity is in an ascending trend that is worrying governments across the world. The reported cases of diabetics, heart disease and several more is increasing proportionately with the technological advancements. It is high time people concentrate on getting fit, else the hard earned money will go down the drain for treatment of these exotic diseases. With that in mind we have compiled a list of “Top 10 Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast ” here for you, choose one and embark on a health quest.
10. Rock climbing
First comes an activity we feel wouldn’t be everyone’s choice. Keeping in mind that Rock climbing is one of the best cardiovascular exercise and resistance training in existence, we would recommend that you try your hand at it. It will slice away kilos of body fat quickly and also would help you keep at it for a long time to come. Obviously it is tough, and over that you need to be slightly careful too, but enrolling into a climbing club with experienced instructors would make this activity most enjoyable one and safe.
9. Racquetball
A sport suggested by health experts for high intensity exercise is Racquetball. The sport demands extreme force thereby reducing inches from you body in no time. Adopt this sport for the weekends over the other exercise to burn to fitness in no time.
8. Jumping rope
It would be foolish to brand this activity simple. Though it seems elementary jumping rope is an effective way to burn fat. Just 10 minutes of jumping rope is proportionate to eight minutes of running. The activity improves your cardiovascular endurance and agility in the similar manner.
7. Swimming
Who would say they don’t want to indulge in it? It is one of the best fat burning activity, especially when you are ridden with injuries. It buffers jolts to your joints, meanwhile burning fat to an unimaginable extent. In case you are nursing an injury this would be the best exercise to indulge in.
6. Bicycling
Cycling is equally best as it impacts stubborn areas of the body like thighs, buttocks and calf muscles, meanwhile providing your body a complete cardio vascular training. To extract the best out of this activity remember to cycle in high speed or go uphill.
5.Step Aerobics
Activity that lets you socialize while working out is step aerobics. Further, the enjoyment and dedication is imbibed when you work in groups. The larger parts of legs, hips, and upper body are affected in this activity. Plan to exercise rapidly and use a taller step to increase the fat burning rate.
4. Rowing
Rowing equally targets the lower and upper body parts as both these areas are extensively involved in propelling the boat forward. Each stoke is an ultimate calorie burner etching your body to fitness. A 30 minutes long rowing is recommended and we are sure you would enjoy it.
3.Cross-Country Skiing
Skiing is fun and when it is taken as a fat burning activity the fun is enhanced multifold. This is one sport that affects minor and major muscles of your body equally. The exercise results in greater resistance thereby enhancing cardio health. The sad part is that you need to wait for the snow each year though.
2. Elliptical Trainer
Though deemed to be a low impact exercise, it is best suited if you prefer eliminating jerks and jolts on your joints unlike the other sports. It is cardio vascular exercise that burns calories equaling that burned in running. Further the adjustable resistance burns calories in no time. Set the resistance to a comfortable level to have best results.
1. Running
No exercise can beat running as the best fat burner. Running has been around since ancient times and has been engaged to coerce the body to fitness. Though not recommended for elders and people with injuries running is still the most prevalent activity in the fitness arena today. Every mile you cover uses 100 calories and is branded the best weight loss exercise. Ensure that you invest in a best pair of joggers to minimize the shocks to your knees. Further avoid jogging on hard surfaces like pavements and road, find a soft track, might be in a park. We wish you all the best for you on your newfound activity.

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