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Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designs for the year 2011: Best...

Wedding day is the most cherished day of for the couple, especially for a bride anticipating that the event would be just perfect. Starting from the dress to the dishes in the catering service to the bridesmaid’s dresses should be perfect. Making the choice on the brides wedding dress is considered to be the top priority. Couples who can afford professional designers are at comfort as those designers typically come up with the unique designs. It is total confusion with the rest with several wedding designs available in the market today. With that thought in mind we have come up with this post in which we have listed out the Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designs for the year 2011. We hope these designs will help the bride make a choice quickly and hassle free.
So here we go with the Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designs for the year 2011 list
10. Laced Wedding Dress
This wedding dress is either fully covered with lace or lace can be embellished on certain parts that certainly will look awesome. You can also opt for long laced sleeves to enhance the style.
09. Greek Goddess Gowns
In case you are blessed with perfect figure then this gown works out well for you. The dress fabric is soft and fling that would make you simply stunning.
08. Simple Ball Gowns
Ball gowns have been a fashion trend since last 2 years and are still the race. With ample amount of lace and ribbons at the right places it clings to you shape and makes you simply hot. You can modify it a little bit by opting for a strapless version to go with the current fashion trend.
07. Straps and Sleeves Wedding Dress
Though the sleeveless and strapless are still in the trend we would recommend that you avoid them as they are so common these days. Choose a wedding gown with straps and sleeves over the former sticking to the current trend.
06. Wedding Dress with Beads
Opt for the dress with beads riddled over a simple white or a silver color to highlight the beads. The beads can be placed either in a belt shape enhancing the beauty of the gown. The gown would surely make your guests envy you. The beaded dress is te current trend and you can come up with your own style of placing the bead to best suite you.
05. Wedding Dress with Bows
It is back in full circle. The 80’s trend returns with tiny changes like large bows which enhances your style. Go for a bow around the waist or simply tie it around you chest to look simply awesome.
04. Catchy Flower Dress
A simple wedding dress can be enhanced to look stunning by placing flowery designs that would seem more feminine and eye catching. The flowers can be strategically placed on the fall of your dress to make it more stylish.
03. Awesome Asymmetrical Seams
Seams refuse to quit. Yes bridal dress with seams would certainly flatter the bride. Asymmetrical seams just has beads is back with vengeance. Stun the guests with one on the D-Day.
02. Old Timer 1950s
History repeats itself! Yes the Hour Glass shaped bridal dress in back with a bang. Several designers are creating gowns with trends from1950s these days. Go for an hour glass style that is currently a craze.
01. Ruffled
Get yourself a ruffled gown with smooth ruffles that without doubt will make you simply an awesome bride. Ruffled wedding would give you volume in case you have thin frame. Get one and dazzle on.

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