Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 Best Tips on How to Impress a Girl

When you find that specific and particular girl, you always want to impress her but scared of getting her offended. But guys it is 21st century and most of the guys find it really hard to impress a girl, and when that girl is the one you want; you always end up in having your shaking legs and speechless mouth.
There are ways to impress a girl that will make the girl want you more and notice you more. And it is Valentine’s Day coming too, hurry up and read the post below, the tips guys need to impress girls are here!

1.    Make a cool appearance
It is very necessary to make a cool and neat appearance of you whenever you go in front of that girl. It will look great to her and of course yourself.
2.    Never Show off
Girls actually hate the show off thing; don’t ever put a fake appearance or something that you are not. Be yourself and do your best. That will surely impress girls.
3.    Respect and Admiration
Always respect and admire the girl, because girls love when you admire them, treat her with kindness.

4.    Meaningful talk
While talking to her don’t discuss controversial issues and don’t talk endlessly. Especially discuss things that have her interest and surely will catch your attention.
5.    Take interest in her interests
Listen carefully to whatever girls says or in which she has interest. Respond to the talking quickly and throw back the questions to her to make her keep talking about that subject.
6.    Compliment
Compliment her on her eyes, attire, hairs, looks and talking style, don’t talk about how hot figure she has. Girls love it when they are complimented on the looks or other features.

7.    Respect her friends
When it comes to colleagues and friends, girls are very possessive about them, either you like them or not try to become the good guy that respects her friends.

8.    Politeness
Always try to act politely and have the best behavior, because these two things can make you a perfect guy.
9.    Humor
Be humorous sometimes, because girls love the humor factor about guys, crack jokes but only then when it is required otherwise try to take things seriously.

10.    Be a good listener
Be the one who can give a shoulder to her when she is sad, as girls are always emotional so make her laugh with your jokes sometimes and listen to her always.

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