Friday, September 30, 2011

Begin to Change Yourself from the Head

Not only you, but also we thought that the across-the-forehead headband has been kicked out by the fashion trend. However, recently many celebrities sporting them in public show that this trend, whether you love it or hate it, just concealed itself in winter and come back this summer.
At Jameson Empire Film Awards in London 2011, Lily Cole made use of a chunky silver one to create a sense of beauty of the medieval era. This braided headband makes a contrast with the model’s dark skin. Marina Diamandis, known as Marina and the Diamonds, really caught passerby’s attention on the streets of London. The flower garland which was inspired by the hippy element adds a girly touch and femininity to the tough clothes.

Wearing an ankle-length maxi dress and a pair of overlarge sunglasses, Paris Hilton also chooses a gold headband. The actress in Skins, Dakota Blue Richards, worn a headband decorated with white rosettes a little bit higher in her hair at the premiere of Anuvahood. She looked pretty and lovely.

Are you ready to go out and have a try? Do you want to create a new look with a beautiful and chic headband? Here are some selects, beaded headbands, metallic headbands and flowered headbands which like the ones on the stars.

The first is River Island multi flower Headband. The second is Deepa Gurnani ornamental beaded headband. Next is Juicy Couture Bungee and Disc headband. The following is Forever 21 beaded braid headband. Finally is Full Tilt crochet flower headband.
Start to change yourself from the head.

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