Monday, September 19, 2011

Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Curly Hair: Tips for Curly...

Contradicting the notion that curly hair is unprofessional and difficult to manage, in the recent days it is turning out to be a fad. Yes, it is true that curly hair is hard to maintain, however with new methods in the fashion arena these days the task is simple and easy and eliminates the need for a hair stylist. Find “Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Curly Hair” listed below. Apart from providing a professional look these hairstyles would make you stylish and trendy.
10. Loose Pin Up
Irrespective of the length and texture of your curly hair, “Loose Pin Up” hair style provides extra volume to your hair. You also can style your hair into any shape you wish to. All that you need to do would be to style you hair and apply hairspray to keep it in place. Then step out to stun your friends and colleagues!
09. French Twist & French Tail
This is yet another hair style that would make a great difference in your hairstyle. These twists have been found amazing on curly hair just like straight hair. Apart from being a classic it also would provide you a professional look. Wear it tightly or loosely adjusting it to suite your face.
08. Bangs is back
Wear these bangs on your curly hair avoiding going over your eyes for the best results unlike straight hair. Get your curly hair cut slightly to avoid them from falling over your eyes. Remember; cut your hair when dry, cutting your hair when wet would shrink them little bit more once dry.
07. Front strand twists or braid
Get a classic look by wearing twists in your curly hair. Twists have been most popular with straight hair; however it will look equally awesome over a curly hair. Apply twists to avoid the hair going over your face in case you wear it to work.
06. Hair Bands
Hair band has been a trend for years now and is still a fashion statement. Opt for hair accessories such as hair bands, bobby pins to enhance the casual side of you. These accessories are simple to install and finishes in a minute. Good when you are in a hurry!
05. Half Up Half down
This style simply goes well with medium length or long hair. All that you need to do is pin half of them up using either catchers or pins. Have a grungy yet professional look that you can carry well at office. You can use half up half down style over your bangs too. Just straighten the bangs and then pin half of your hair up. Stunning you would be!
04. Fully Down
For this hairstyle apply hair gel or mousse to get the hair wet, thereby neutralizing the hair volume. In case you shun away from gels, then simply opt for natural methods of giving your hair that wet look. Might be a non-sticky hair oil will do the trick. You can enhance the look by pulling back your hair slightly. You can also puff your hair up to enhance the look.
03. High Bun Ponytails
This style demands less time over your curly hairs. Apart from that you can keep recreating the style easily to have a professional look in minutes for tight schedule for the day.
02. Cornrows
Hold your curly locks in place by wearing braids. Casual yet professional braids are just perfect for your curly locks. Goes well with medium and long curly hairs and looks good evenly whether worn loosely or tightly.
01. Curly Bob & Wild curls
Curly bobs and wild curls go so well with your hair and would provide a stylish healthy look. However you need to cautious in making this choice as it goes well with only certain facial feature and hair type. Alternatively you can opt for wild curls in case you adorn long hair. Would make you extremely sexy!

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