Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stop and Stare Fashion Jewellery Collection 2011

Stop & Stare by Priya Agarwal offers a wide range of designer costume jewellery, from extremely stylish and gorgeous earrings, bracelets and necklaces to ever-so-pretty hair accessories that are irresistibly lovable. Priya Agarwal is a passionate jewellery designer from India holding a Diploma from SinGem. She designs each of her glittering pieces with utmost creativity and passion and no doubt, they spread their magic all over! Literally, she has got the spell to create the most divine pieces of jewellery that makes almost every woman go gaga over it. Her collection of jewellery has both traditional pieces as well as the ones with a western touch! With her traditional collection ‘Polki Bliss’ she brings back the old traditions of Indian jewellery with precious and semi precious stones studded with gold and ornamented with pearls which makes her collection timeless! On the other hand her ‘Subtle Elan’ collection is an exemplification of simplicity, elegance and glamour. Having a slight western edge, this collection at Stop & Stare is one on its own. It can be rightly said, ‘way to go Stop & Stare!!’
This sumptuous designer costume jewellery collection is available in India, so all you jewellery lovers out there, if you don’t have of her epic jewellery items then surely; you are missing out on a lot! Book your orders now!
Designer Costume Jewellery 079 300x259
Designer Costume Jewellery 079
Elan Jewellery 2011 076 300x225
Elan Jewellery 2011 076
Indian Jewellery 2011 035 300x222
Indian Jewellery 2011 035
Indian Jewellery Designs 034 300x225
Indian Jewellery Designs 034
Indian Jewelley Designs 063 300x225
Indian Jewelley Designs 063
Jewellery Designs 076 300x225
Jewellery Designs 076
Latest Indian Jewellery Trends 032 300x214
Latest Indian Jewellery Trends 032
Latest Jewellery Designs 098 300x225
Latest Jewellery Designs 098
Latest Polki Designs 026 300x225
Latest Polki Designs 026
Polki Earings 036 300x225
Polki Earings 036
Polki Jewellery 025 300x212
Polki Jewellery 025
Polki Jewellery 2011 032 215x300
Polki Jewellery 2011 032
Polki Necklace 035 300x225
Polki Necklace 035
Stop and Stare Jewellery 032 300x225
Stop and Stare Jewellery 032
Studded Jewellery 2011 063 300x209
Studded Jewellery 2011 063
Stylish Indian Jewellery 2011 071 216x300
Stylish Indian Jewellery 2011 071
Stylish Jewellery Designs 098 300x251
Stylish Jewellery  Designs 098

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