Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unique and Contemporary Silver Jewelry by Balinesia New York

Balinesia New York is a name of ancient tradition with combination of contemporary thought which gives you handcrafted silver jewelry from Indonesia. The Balinesia team is lead by Dewa Ubud and his sister Suarti with few Young Designers and sample makers 
They are using very difficult traditional methods to craft silver jewelry. Each piece of their craft has its own uniqueness which reflects passion and dedication of their artists. Their traditional collection of Jewelry speaks about their belief; religion and culture. They are dealing with all types of silver jewelry like bracelets, earrings, Necklaces, Pendants, Rings and watches made up of silver and gems. No doubt there is no comparison of Balnesia  silver jewelry with any other jewelry. The best thing is you can buy online from Balinesia site we have some collection of Balnesia silver jewelry that must inspire you
White Silver Watch 300x225
White and Silver Watch
Special Edition Silver Earrings 232x300
Special Edition Silver Earrings
Silver Pandent 225x300
Silver Pendant
Silver earrrings with brown gems
Silver Earrings with Brown Gems
Silver Earrings 300x225
Silver Earrings
Silver chain 300x255
Silver Chain
Silver Bracelet with gems 300x255
Silver Bracelet with Gems
Silver Bracelet 300x230
Silver Bracelet
silver bali
Silver bali
Handicrafted Silver Bracelet 300x214
Handcrafted Silver Bracelet
Best Sold Silver Earrings
Best Sold Silver Earrings
Best 2011Silver Earrings 245x300
Best 2011 Silver Earrings
Beautiful Black and Silver Earrings
Beautiful Black and Silver Earrings

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