Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Liane Chung for Miss Jamaica World 2011!

Liane Chung
She’s got my vote! It’s been a while since pageants in Jamaica have attracted this many girls and so many that people think are top contenders. With Yendi’s success internationally and with prizes getting more and more glamourous in the competitions (thinks cars, cash, jewelry, scholarships and extensive wardrobes plus of course worldwide trips) amazingly beautiful girls are flocking to the competition in droves. Unfortunately many think that the girls who tried out for Miss Jamaica Universe would not have filled Yendi’s shoes well. After all…Yendi came second in the international competition, we want nothing less than a queen. The staging itself was a horrible event as well marred by a lack of organisation and event management.
In the end, Shakira Martin took the crown. A beautiful girl and we wish her well. But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to talk about my biased choice for MJW 2011. She’s my cousin after all and family trumps all them other girls iono know! Look at all these women that entered MJW this year!!! That’s amazing. MJW has always had a little more prestige because of their prizes and better organization and they certainly attracted a gaggle of top class women. The competiton is stiff as there are many amazing women in the top 20 but Liane’s got my vote. Look at that bod! I know she works hard at it and its quite an inspiration to my lazy but. Go Liane! I’m rooting for you! Here’s her Facebook page for lots of pics and background info! And I don’t know about anybody else but I love your hair curly!
Liane Chung for MJW 2011

Shakira Martin

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