Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Latest Swarovski Jewellery Collection by Saba Ghauri, Enchanted Jewels

Saba Ghauri is an ardent jewellery desingner from Lahore. She has launched her jewellery collection with the name of ‘Enchanted Jewels’ which is one on its own. Her jewellery collection is a blend of elegance, charm and glamour and accentuates true feminine beauty. Enchanted Jewels contains a range of dazzling designs of jewellery, each crafted with utmost creativity and delicacy. Swarovski jewellery is something every woman has a heart for, and when these Swarovski elements are team up with semi precious stones and fresh water pearls it makes it even more heavenly, and that’s what makes her collection simply irresistible. With the ever so pretty rings, bracelets and necklaces of both long and short lengths; multiple layers in long length necklaces are an add-on to their beauty, paired up with matching earrings; and another range of exotic pieces of sterling silver rings, earrings and pendants studded with stones, her collection is a dream! ‘Enchanted Jewels’ is available at Latelier, Islamabad. Labels, MM Alam Road, Lahore and only by appointments in Karachi.

Coral and Swarovskis Necklace 011 225x300

Coral and Swarovskis Necklace 011 
Enchanted Jewels 002 300x200

Enchanted Jewels 002 
Enchanted Jewels by Saba Ghauri 001 300x200

Enchanted Jewels by Saba Ghauri 001
Jewellery Collection by Saba Ghauri 014 300x225

Jewellery Collection by Saba Ghauri 014 
Jewellery Trends 2011 004 199x300

Jewellery Trends 2011 004 
Latest Jewellery Collection 2011 003 199x300

Latest Jewellery Collection 2011 003 
Latest Swarovski Jewellery Collection 2011 225x300

Latest Swarovski Jewellery Collection 2011 
Multi layers necklace 010 300x225

Multi layers necklace 010 
Pearl Jewellery 2011 008 225x300

Pearl Jewellery 2011 008 
Sterling Silver Jewellery 006 300x225

Sterling Silver Jewellery 006
Sterling silver rings 009 225x300

Sterling silver rings 009 
Stone studded Jewellery 005 225x300

Stone studded Jewellery 005 
Stone studded rings 007 225x300

Stone studded rings 007 
Trendy rings 009 225x300

Trendy rings 009

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