Saturday, August 6, 2011

Using a tomato for radiant skin

Turn a tomato into a invigorating scrub and a facial mask. This is a great recipe that is perfect for summer! Did you know that a tomato can reduce the chances of cancer, diabetes and even heart disease. tomatoes contain a source of lycopene. lycopene is an anti-oxidant with a small molecular structure that can be easily absorbed by the skin. Anti-oxidants are neccesarry in skin care as they combact free radicals which are damaging to our skin for example, Sunlight and pollutant form free radicals.Anti-oxidants present in tomato can also slow down the skin aging process. So, for this simple and easy home-made scrub, what you have to do is
Have one ripe tomato ready, cut it with a knife carefully And add some fine granulated sugar. take the top of the tomato and dip it in the sugar, evenly coating it…. now take that top, and expoliate it in a circular motion around ur face, especially around the nose area and your forehead. once you are done expoliating, wait for ten minutes and then rinse it off.
For your tomato mask, your would need one fine organic tomato and cut two proportional slices. make sure you have no make up on and clip up any hairs that are on your face. Grab a tomato slice and rub it all over your face evenly…and den aplly a second coat after 1 minute. After that, wait for 30-40 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water. Apply light moisturiser and you are done! your skin would feel fresh and radiant icon smile
Also, this tomato mask can be tried with some yougart and a bit of cucumber juice!
Tomato for beauty
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