Saturday, August 6, 2011

Basic Make-Up Kit Essentials

What do you think are essentials of a girl’s make up bag and what should every girl have? The stuff in your make up bags doesn’t  necessary have to be the stuff that u use everyday but some essentials that are needed when you are out at college/university or on a trip. Also,taking a make up bag when going to a friend’s house for staying the night or for going to get ready at your friend’s place to go out somewhere. So, a small sized make up bag can help u throughout your day, ladies.So, here are some essentials that are a Must haves.
  • A decent moisturiser, with SPF.
  • A mineral foundation that matches your skin type as it gives you a great  coverage.
  • An everyday concealer, for quick touch-ups of discolouration or blemishes.
  • A compact powder with a mirror- an absolute MUST, if you’re applying anything to the base.
  • A cream blush to add some colour to your cheeks and to look as natural as possible throughout the day.
  • A black eye liner to highlight your eyes.
  • A mascara, to give your look more awake and fresh look.
  • A pair of Tweezers, for the occasional emergency.
  • A lip gloss. Rich glosses that don’t dry out lips and can be used instead of some lip balm. It works great for day or evening.
  • Some hair pins or small slips are also very handy.
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