Monday, June 27, 2011

Ayurvedic Medicine for Balanced Health & Beauty

Although it is one of the world's oldest forms of medicine you may not be aware of what Ayurvedic medicine is or what it can do for you.

The practice evolved in India and comes from an Indian word meaning the "science of life." The main goal of Ayurvedic therapies is to achieve harmony between body, mind and spirit. At least 90 percent of the Indian population uses some form of Ayervedic therapy.

Here in the States it is considered a holistic or alternative form of wellness and experienced practitioners may be more difficult to find.

The Parma Center For Health and Medicine in Vienna, VA does have an experienced Ayurvedic doctor on staff with impressive credentials.

Dr. Thara heads the Integrative Holistic Medical Department at the spa. She has had years of experience in clinical care of patients, consulting and prescribing therapeutic regimens. Having been certified as a Chopra Center Health Practitioner, Dr. Thara can offer therapies here that you would only have access to at their center in Carlsbad, CA or some other well known spa like Miraval or Canyon Ranch in Arizona.

Clients come to Parma looking for relief for a number of ailments or just to feel better and more in balance. Some of the conditions that can be helped by Ayurveda include high blood pressure, arthritis, allergies, migraines, back issues, menopause, skin issues and asthma. Stress management is also an advantage of Ayurvedic therapies not to mention looking and feeling younger than your age!

During an initial consultation with Dr. Thara you'll fill out an extensive questionaire about your lifestyle and any health issues you might have. Then you'll meet with the doctor to answer questions about your body as well as your feelings--don't forget this is about balance in all areas of your life including physical, mental and emotional. She will take your pulse, examine your tongue and observe your body type and build to determine your dominant characteristics. Certain spikes in the pulse will offer information to the doctor and as well as any coatings on the tongue. If needed Dr. Thara will order blood tests or other diagnostic tools to determine what problems you're experiencing and how to treat them.

Our constitution is called our prakriti and it's characteristics are the three life forces or doshas. It is thought that our chances of developing certain types of diseases are related to the way our doshas are balanced. Each dosha is made up of two of five basic elements which include: space, earth, air, fire and water. For example if it's determined that fire is a dominant element of your dosha you are probably strong, ambitious and set goals but you may also be prone to anger and irritation. Earth would indicate an easy going and stable personality but with a tendency to put on weight. Depending on which of the two elements Dr. Thara determines make up your dosha, she can begin to prescribe a regimen to prevent any problems or cure ones that have already occurred.

She can customize a diet and herb program as well as treatments available at Parma like aromatherapy, facials, massage and body scrubs. If detoxification is needed she may prescribe a 7 day cleanse which she can monitor to put you on the right track.

If optimal wellness is your goal or you have a health issue that you would rather resolve with alternative therapies, call Parma to schedule your appointment with Dr. Thara to explore your options using the Ayurvedic approach to total balance in all areas of your life.

MEET THE DOCTOR: Dr. Thara will be the speaker at the Sterling Women's Networking Luncheon on Thursday, July 14th, 11:00am to 1:30 pm. The event will be at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA. For more information or to register go to

Parma Center for Health & Medicine

8212-B Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, VA 22182

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