Monday, June 13, 2011

Nail art

Fashion is always evolving and the latest happening thing is Nail art. Gone are the days of painting your nails with only one colour. Today you can paint your nails using it as a canvas and create great pieces of artistic works.

Nail art is the most happening thing in the world of fashion today. It will allow you to express your creativity and personality and will help express your individual style like never before. Nail experts or 'designers' are cropping up at happening salons all over the country to create art on your nails. There are endless paint effects that you can achieve as well as many decorative gems, foils and tapes to assist you in your creativity. These can turn your nails into a small canvas, on which you can create great pieces of artistic work. This can be achieved by freehand painting or by using an artist's airbrush. Nail piercing is also considered a type of Nail art, which works best on artificial nails. This is achieved by attaching rings to tiny holes, drilled into the nail, which are attached to chains that are worn around the wrist. They also come with chain links to a ring that is worn on the same finger.

Nail Stripes

Nail stripes of various shapes, designs can be bought and used while decorating your nails. Peel off desired stripe carefully. Try using tweezers for clean effect. Starting at the cuticle, gently lay stripe across nail in desired position. Trim off excess. Gently apply pressure with fingertip to secure it in place
Gold & Silver Nail Charms

Gold & silver nail charms: Gold and silver charms are also a very good nail art accessory which gives a very good nail design and is easy to use. Choose desired charm and peel off paper backing. Place charm on nail in preferred location. Gently press down with fingertip to secure.

Cloth Effect

The Give your nails two coats of paint and then while they are still slightly wet, press a patterned (lint free) piece of cloth or chamois leather lightly on them. As the cloth is lifted, it leaves a pattern similar to the texture of the cloth on the nails.

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