Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Call This Weight Loss Protocol a Diet!

There are so many options and so many factors to consider when it comes to losing weight and you are never more aware of them as when you visit a book store weight loss section! The amount of books and diet variations can be overwhelming.

So how do you decide what is really going to work for you and be worth the time and effort?

Having a medical professional assess your particular situation is one way to remove some of the unknowns and at Atlantis Medical Wellness Center www.atlantismedispa.com, Dr. Ben Gonzalez is helping his clients lose weight but he doesn't use the word diet!

Atlantis Medical Wellness Center is the only Medical Center in Maryland that provides Dr. Simeon’s hCG Weight Loss Protocol and combines this effective weight loss protocol with hormone balancing. Your entire endocrine system will be evaluated through specific blood work that can identify issues with your hormones that may not be recognized with routine blood work. Many clinics confuse ranges given from the lab as normal ranges but do not understand that normal may not be optimal for a patient. People of different ages and issues cannot be placed generically in a “range” that is determined in a lab. They must be approached as individuals and lab results need to be correlated with a person’s symptoms, complaints and issues. Atlantis Medical Wellness Center does just that. They address individual likes and dislikes, diet, lifestyle, and stressers and individualize your weight loss protocol. This ensures not only good results, but great long term results.

BeautyInDC.com recently spoke to an Atlantis client who has been enjoying some of those results and may answer some of your questions and concerns about whether it's right for you:

Q: What is a typical day like on the hCG Weight Loss Protocol?

A: Really for me, it was more structured. I tend to be someone who is almost never hungry so I was programming myself to eat certain amounts of food at specific times. Because I was eating 100% organic, I found myself shopping more . I usually ate 250 calories at 1pm and my 2nd 250 calories around 8pm. That is just my work life. I also weighed my protein which gives one a new perspective on what a portion really is. I ramped up my workouts a little more by trying to workout every day instead of 4 big workouts a week. 7 30minute to one hour workouts daily.

Q: Do you ever feel hungry?

A: I was never hungry. In fact there were actually times when I almost could not finish the food, or didn’t want it, but since it is a protocol , not a diet, I did it religiously.

Q: Are you feeling any side effects--good or bad from the diet?

A: I felt wonderful; full of energy and really healthy. Friends said that my skin glowed and I looked amazing. There really is an amazing difference about putting organic, clean food in your body. I have always been a person who does not eat processed foods and tries to do the organic root which is difficult, but it does pay off.

Q: Have you lost weight on the diet?

A: Again, I would not call this a diet. I lost 25 lbs which was fabulous in such a short period of time. I did 39 days on the protocol and decided to start working on kicking my metabolism into gear after the protocol ended. I am slowly increasing my calorie intake every day for 3 weeks and have added a 100% protein breakfast every day. After two weeks, I have lost one more lb. My true goal is train myself to eat regularly again,

Q: How does it compare to other diets you may have tried?

A: My diet life was just starve and work out to extremes which as I have gotten older has not worked at all, Instead my body was holding on to every ounce it could. I expect that I will be able to keep this weight off and be much healthier in the long run.

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Atlantis Medical Wellness Center also offers a full line of body and anti-aging skin treatments including body sculpting, laser hair removal, Botox, facial fillers, microdermabrasion and many more services.

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