Monday, August 1, 2011

Neck Care Routine

The neck is one of the neglected parts of the body while cleaning other parts of your body. But the fact is that it is one of the areas of the body most vulnerable to skin darkening. This is because the skin is much thinner on the neck than it is on the face, making it more prone to UV damage from natural sunlight and any other forms of UV light.

Remedies For Dark Neck
Having a dark neck is a quite common complaint. There are reasons for this problem.
•  One is lack of proper cleaning. Many of us forget or ignore to clean the neck while cleaning our face and this leads to accumulation of dirt that makes the skin on the neck dark.
•  The other reason may be because of several fine folds of skin around the neck that have a tendency to trap dust and sweat particles. Over a period of time, this also leads to darkening of the skin. What ever the reason may be, cleansing and then lightening the color of your skin is the best way.
Milk acts as cleanser, use plain milk to cleanse your neck. Milk is an excellent cleanser as well as a good toner. After cleansing, scrub your neck with a granular exfoliating scrub. Any scrub that you get in medical shop is enough or you can make your own scrub. Make a pasty mix of olive oil and sugar crystals and use this to scrub your neck in gentle circular motions till all the sugar dissolves. This scrub will help to even out your skin tone. The other scrub is mix crud with crushed walnut with 2 drops of lemon juice. Apply in circular portion while using walnut scrub; be careful because it may hurt you. Massage for 15 min and then wash with warm water.
There are also some uncommon and unusual problems, one such type is pigmentation problem. In such case applying aloe Vera gel is the best. Application of lime juice to the neck will also help. Do this only at night, so that you do not go out in the sun with remnants of lime juice on your neck. This will make your neck darker, since skin that has been exposed to a mix of lime juice and sunlight will do that.

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