Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get pretty…FAST!

Looking natural never goes out of style. You want to still look yourself. But slightly enhanced. Here is guide to basic make up application that can be done in 10 minutes and a quick way to enhance your natural beauty on a daily basis.
It is for all those days where you have to get ready in a flash and here are the steps how you can pull something together without looking like you just rolled out of bed! Hope you enjoy 
  • Concealing dark circles, the most important procedure in make up. Spend about 1 minute doing that. Be sure to apply concealer to other flaws, blemishes, redness and dark expression lines, etc. Especaially to nose area, around the mouth and chin as it brightens the complexion. Do this using clean fingers or a sponge.
  • You can skip foundation as the face should be kept light for the summer season. Quickly apply some loose powder, not too much but enough to set your make up, so buff it in for a great coverage.
  • Polishing your eye brows is a must because they frame your face. Do it in 1o seconds. It can be done using a brown eyebrow pencil.
  • Add a creme blush to cheeks with fingers as it is long lasting. or just sweep some rosy blush with a brush to enhance ur gorgeus skin.
  • Apply a neutral eye shade, like shimmery white or golden that is ideal for summers. Do it within 2 minutes.
  • Next, Apply black eye liner on ur upper lids. Use a waterproof mascara and most importantly curl your lashes, by simply using a eyelash curler. do this within 3 minutes.
  • Lastly, apply a nude or soft pink lip colour and adding a gloss on top of it within a minute.
So, within 10 minutes, you are done and ready to go. Always remember to smile, Be confident  and flaunt your natural features!
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