Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cross Stitch Summer/Spring Collection 2011 by Ayesha Group

Cross Stitch” is a new trendy and elegant name in Embroidered Fabrics. Recently Cross Stitch summer/spring collection 2011 was launched by Ayesha group of Companies . More then 200 designs of Cross Stitch Designer Embroidered Fabrics collection is available in its outlets of Lahore & Islamabad to provide vast range of choices to its customer. Cross Stitch summer/spring collection clothes are available in both casual and formal wear. Ayyan Ali is a feature model for Cross Stitch Designer Embroidered collection. For more detail visit Lets take a look at latest collection of Designer Embroidered fabrics by Cross Stitch….
Ayyan feature model for Cross stitch collection
Ayyan feature model for cross stitch collection

Beautiful lawn dress by cross stitch 2011
beautiful lawn dress by cross stitch 2011

Cross Stitch by Ayesha Group of company
cross stitch by Ayesha group of company

Embroidered fabrics by Cross stitch
embroidered fabrics by cross stitch

Cross stitch latest collection
Cross Stitch latest collection

Long shirts fashion in Pakistan
Long shirts fashion in Pakistan

Latest Pakistani fashion for girls
Latest Pakistani fashion for girls 20113

Light green dress by cross stitch
Light Green dress by cross stitch

Cross Stitch 2011
Cross stitch 2011

Latest Designs of Cross stitch
Latest designs of Cross stitch

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