Monday, January 24, 2011

The Wellness/Beauty Connection

Atlantic Medical Wellness Center is unique in that not only can you get a full range of aesthetic services ranging from Botox to SmartLipo, but Medical Director Dr. Ben Gonzalez also addresses general health, age management and wellness issues. Issues like preventative health care and weight loss that can have a huge affect on how you look and feel from the inside out. You may have found that general practice physicians have been reluctant to focus on the reasons you're tired or overweight or suffering from hormonal imbalances.

But Dr. G as he is referred to, can do an assessment of your overall health and put you on the path to wellness with some wonderful side effects like weight loss, energy and glowing skin.

We addressed some common myths and concerns about issues that affect women of all ages and particularly as we hit our 40's and approach menopause.

Q: Dr. Gonzalez how do we know if we should be taking supplements and which ones to take?

A: First, go see a physician who knows how to correlate where your body is physiologically, interpret a full metabolic functional lab panel to what is optimal for you and use expert knowledge and experience in medicine, nutrition, and supplementation to manage your overall health. Second, look at any marketing claims concerning any supplement with a critical eye. If you are considering a supplement for whatever reason, take that supplement to an expert and see if the claims are legitimate or whether it may be useful to you. It is worth a consultation fee that may at least save you some money, at most, save you from a bad health outcome.

Atlantis Medical Wellness Center has also added added a new Anti-Oxidant scanner to their lab and for the low price of $25 can do a non-invasive, painless and accurate assessment of your nutritional status in 15 minutes.

Q: What about women who are approaching or experiencing menopause, is there one standard treatment for everyone?

A: Absolutely not. Each person needs individualized treatment based on lab results and symptoms.

Q: Are there specific tests that can tell you which hormones someone is deficient in?

A: There are many types of tests to determine the many types of hormones in our bodies. There are hair samples, skin, saliva and blood tests. For now the best tests are direct blood tests. There are specific types of blood tests that many physicians aren't aware of. Finding someone trained and experienced in hormone therapy is important. It's not always about the blood tests but correlating a person's symptoms and complaints with those tests. There are many diabetic and pre-diabetic and hypo and pre-hypothyroid people out there with "normal" lab tests. Remember, normal doesn't always mean optimal.

Q: Can we reverse the aging process with treatment?

A: No, sorry nothing reverses the aging process! You can however slow it down with good, healthy choices in exercise, nutrition and hormone balancing. Decreasing the risk of certain cancers such as colon, breast and prostate cancer is an important part of hormone balancing and optimizing. It's not about "anti-aging" or extending life. It's about improving the quality of life.

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