Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's "PLAYTIME" with DJ Neekola

OK Washingtonian's listen up! You do not want to miss out on what will be one of the hottest events of  2011. On Thursday, Jan. 27th, international DC-based DJ and producer, DJ NEEKOLA will be releasing her debut album as a recording artist at District Restaurant/Lounge in Adam's Morgan. And guess what I have a sneak peek to her title track on her new album "PLAYTIME."

 Click HERE to check it out!

  • DJ Neekola "PLAYTIME" performance with Rex Riot at 11:30 pm. DJ Performance at 12pm.
  • Runway Presentation by Cantiore Avant Garde Collection. The models will be standing around specific areas throughout the night in the special collection to enhance ambiance, and show some controversial fashion during the show.
  • Fashion produced by Maggy Francois LLC.
  • Tickets: $15 in advance ($30 at door) at:
  • A portion of the proceeds will be benefitting the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce ( a local non-profit who promotes the business interests of those in the Fashion/Style Industry in addition to promoting Washington as a Global Fashion Capital.

Neekola is one of Washington DC's most recognizable names in the club scene, she has performed worldwide  for audiences from Germany, Spain, Switzerland, to Peru. Neekola has played all over the East Coast from New York City down to Miami, but Washington is where she calls home--lucky for us!!!! You can  usually find her performing Thursday nights at Peacock Cafe and booked up all across town from Josephine's to District Restaurant and Lounge. But for this event on the 27th, Neekola will be doing a LIVE PERFORMANCE from her debut album and vocals (around midnight) alongside her engineer and co-producer Rex Riot. Check out this incredible remake they worked on together to one of my favorite songs of all time!!!!!!! LoveSong by The Cure.

Neekola's upcoming album is a dedication to all the people who have helped her get to where she is today."This event is a huge step in my career, because I am finally releasing my own music, my very first album-so I am no longer just a DJ anymore, I am now an artist." says Neekola.

Veteran House Music Producer J-Punch will be opening the house from 9 to about midnight. J-Punch has been instrumental in Neekola's music career helping her with her first single, Don't Live for the Moment, which was picked up by Stealth Digital out in Las Vegas. J-Punch has also done a hot remix of her title track Playtime, featured on her album. A live bongo set will be performed by Kamajian with Neekola's DJ set after midnight. (Kamajian has worked at Josephine's with Neekola in the past)  and she says has  really helped enhance her DJ sets.

This event will be the official after party for Put on the Gloves  fashion show headed by my favorite peeps Fashion BS's Elaine Mensah and James Cornwell and the Ted Gibson Salon. Thank you Ted Gibson for eradicating that hideous hair style previously worn by Kate Gosselin. Ya did good =)

Sorry got a little off track there. Focus. Back to Neekola. Did you know that DJ Neekola even has her own iphone app! Yes it's true, you can keep up on her whereabouts, listen to her latest tracks and Vblogs right from your very own pocket or purse. This girl is on FIRE!!!

So see you all on the 27th. I exit this post with some beats that will want to make you jump out of your chair and start dancing. (If you're at work soooo sorry) but be sure to check it out from the comforts of your own living room =)

That's all from DC ON HEELS "Bringing you the best in food, fashion and fun in the metro area."

   Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

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