Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Makeup Palette and Trends

There are always new colors and makeup trends for each season and I recently went to a pro to to find out what the hot looks are for this summer. Lindsay Ebbin, National Makeup Retail Director for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas has spent his career in beauty, hair and makeup and shares his expertise with

Q: Lindsay can you tell us about your background?

A: I was discovered in high school by a modeling scout and modeled for 5 years professionally. I then became interested in the fashion arena and mentored under a celebrity makeup/hairstylist in Toronto, Canada. I continued learn as I began to work with woman who needed makeovers after having chemotherapy to help them look good feel better. In the early 90's a new makeup line was being formulated in Toronto and I learned color theory from that company. It went on to became one of the most successful cosmetic brands in the world known as MAC. 4 Years later Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas recruited me to lead their creative styling and makeup team in Canada as well as doing hair shows in US for Wella and Paul Mitchell providing seasonal forecasts. I was transferred to New York City as the National Makeup Artist on Fifth Avenue working with everyone from celebrities to supermodels. I am now the National Makeup Retail Director in the U.S for Red Door Spas Elizabeth Arden.

Q: What are the hot makeup colors for summer?

A: Trends for summer are blues hues for eyes from baby to indigo blue. Highlights of shell pink and warm browns. Those who want an edgey look they will want to use colors of the rainbow. Eyeliner is thick but comes in different colors like blue, teal, black and golden brown. Skin is glowing with tinted foundations & a natural mineral bronzer that is used as a contour to highlight your best areas of the face. Elizabeth Arden launched an innovative mineral technology that creates this beautiful natural look on the skin. Lipstick is pink with a brown base tone or coral and Orange Reds.

Q: Should we change our foundation and other makeup if we have a tan?
A: Yes, at Red Door we have computerized custom color makeup from super sheer finish to heavy coverage. It mixes it like paint and is water based, hypo allergenic and non comdegenic. We can also create a mat finish as it makes over a million shades customized to your skin tone. Many women have switched to mineral powders that grind, so it is freshly milled to give you that natural flawless finish. Any foundation should be accented with a primer first and or SPF of your choice that is not clogging. I would recommend if you know you will tan or will be in the sun going 2 shades darker than your skin tone and match against your chest or arm area since they are hit by the sun

Q: Are there any specific products you would recommend that would help women look good for summer weddings or a class reunion?

A: Prevage advanced anti aging treatment moisturizer is one that wards off free radicals, helps to minimize discolorations, spots, freckles, lines and wrinkles. It also comes with an SPF 30 and has been in endorsed by the American Cancer Association. You will feel protected and your skin will feel regenerated and look more youthful as you continue to use it.

Q: How can we keep our makeup fresh in the summer heat and humidity?

A: Use matte based skin products, water based only with pore tightning primers that don't block the pores but help minimize them. Have a some of your favorite lip gloss in your bag, a pressed or mineral powder to touch up throughout the day, and a concealer that does not crease, is liquid and dries down to a powder finish. If want a glow use cream blushes because they do not shift or move in the heat when you perspire and apply using a brush. A sponge or your finger will not give you the same finish

Q: Even if someone doesn't like to wear makeup are there a few basic things they can do to look polished?

A: Use a moisturizer on freshly cleansed skin and a good eye cream to protect with an Spf or anti-aging formula first (SPF 15 and up). Apply one or all of concealer/mineral powder/bronzer if needed. Mascara to bring enhance your eye color or colored eyeliner. High shine color tinted lip gloss or sheer lipstick. is your local resource for information and deals on beauty services in the Washington Metro area.

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