Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exclusive launch party for Fashion Delegate

FD Launch Party held at Redskin's running back house:
We had so much fun at the Fashion Delegate launch party held right in the back yard of Redskins running back Clinton Portis. FD is a blog that infuses fashion and politics, drawing and extraordinary crowd of fashion lovers and politicos alike. FD will be highlighting the best fashion the beltway has to offer.

Check out the pics...
Outside Redskin CP's house where the event was held
DC on Heels+Glamazon+ANTM Bianca+designer Tashia+models=F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S
Interviewing fashion delegate bloggers and party hosts' Jennifer Fisher and Portia Hood
Jennifer flanked by some fashionable men on the scene
Hot dress from designer Tashia Senn modeled by Bianca from ANTM cycle 13
More hot fashion
Our favorite gal to "BS" around with Elaine Mensah
V&M with gorgeous gal KstreetKate
Portia's hot heels..and we love our heels!!
M&V with the southern belle of the ball
DC on Heels staying fierce
The scene
The award for hottest and most fashionable couple goes to this duo
Designer Tashia Senn and model Bianca(lime green dress) from ANTM cycle 13
M&V with the hot "Glamazon" Makeda
Floral's and bright colors were the theme
Power couple Dino and Rachael Tapper of Floriana's

Pretty in purple Melissa Rich

For more photos visit our FACEBOOK PAGE (Video coming soon) So stay tuned... only here on home of the CW!!!

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