Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spike's Cookbook Launch and What NOT to wear


It's OFFICIAL and I have the copy to prove it!

Spike Mendelsohn has finally launched his brand new cook book with his sister Micheline "The Good Stuff CookBook". Want to learn how to make those mouthwatering burgers, shakes, and fries? Well now you can. Spike and his sis' dish out some great family recipes like Uncle D's Chili. And it's not all just buns and burgers, there's tons recipes for great salads, sauces, and shakes. Spike's secret is simple. He says don't overthink it. But for those "planners" like me (who need all the help they can get in the kitchen), his book has a pantry list, fridge list, and the must-have kitchen tools. I'm going to give Spike's Sunny Side Burger a shot. And if I don't get it just right, I can still always just go down Pennsylvania Ave. and get my quick fix at his eatery GOOD STUFF. Try it if you haven't! Sooo goood.

Want the book to try out recipes for yourself? Go to Amazon and get your copy now! BUT one very lucky DC ON HEELS fan will get their very own autographed copy for F-R-E-E. So stay tuned on how you can get that.

With the fam--Spike and his sister Micheline

Me pictured with Capitol Cooking hottie Lauren DeSantis (more about her on Friday's post!!!)

The Burger/Shake cake with wedges by "Fancy Cakes"

Spike talking shop

Spike signing your book that you could win! Stay tuned for details =)

Check out what Spike had to say:

Ok segwaying from food to fashion. It's time for...

For every grave mistake you are fined $100 dollars.

No daisy dukes allowed for men period. Don't match it up with a backpack and sandals either.
Fined $300

Ill fitting khakis..there should never be a front poof on your shorts! I love a man who will dare to wear pink though!
Fined $100

There are no words to describe this. I cannot even put a number value on this tragic and unfortunate mistake. Please please don't ever wear socks with sandals!!! EVER.
Fined $Infinite amounts

Thank goodness I ran into Ansoo Chang, an Internet Entrepreneur from DC. Chang looks casual polished and scored a bazillion points for his handmade German briefcase. Chang says he likes to shop at JCrew, Fields Custom Taylor, and orders online from different European countries. He mixes it up and it works!

Chang said the bag was actually a gift-- ahhh ok whoever bought that amazing custom bag for him--my birthday is in November. Thanks!!! xoxoxo

Signing off the blogosphere ---Vanessa xoxoxxoxo

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