Friday, April 30, 2010

No Phone Zone, Mama's Day, Art & Soul Premiere



Today is NATIONAL NO PHONE ZONE DAY. Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Studios are taking a stand against distracted driving, launching a new public service announcement campaign and joining forces with some of the country’s preeminent transportation safety organizations to declare Friday, April 30 th the first national “No Phone Zone Day.”

Today's Oprah Winfrey Show will be dedicated to raising awareness about the problem. “A call or text isn’t worth taking a life,” said Winfrey. “We must not allow more mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, sisters and brothers to die before we take action against distracted driving. Let’s put a stop to it now, by joining together on April 30 th for national ‘No Phone Zone Day’, and by making our cars a ‘No Phone Zone.’”

I am glad Oprah is shedding some light on this subject. We do need to take this seriously. The statistics of how many deaths have occurred because of texting while driving is alarming. So lets be aware and make a life changing decision. No more texting, talking, eating, or applying makeup while driving! Thanks Oprah for raising awareness and making this your personal plight. And speaking of amazing women. Don't forget what's right around the corner...


With mother's day right around the corner, May 9th to be exact, we all want to get that perfect gift for mom to show her how much we appreciate her. So what will your gift be to the one person in this world who knows you better than anyone else and who changed your dirty diapers?? Well I have the perfect personalized gift. (Mom DO NOT read any further if you are reading this post) This year I am sending personalized M&M's to my mom. Now you can upload a photo of yourself and write out a little message that is shown on each individual M&M. So if you don't live nearby mom, she can reach her hand in the candy bowl and see your pretty little face everyday. What a great personalized gift!

Perfect for all occasions

Even rock-band Kiss got in on the action and teamed up with Wal-Mart to show their faces on the classic treat

So don't wait. Order now online


Last nights' photography exhibit held at the Library of Congress, had the stars right here in our backyard, and all for an artistic and necessary cause. "Art & Soul" is the cornerstone of The Creative Coalition’s arts advocacy campaign to focus national attention on the need to secure federal funding and support for the arts. Here's a look at some of the stars who were on hand to support this cause.

Actress Patricia Arquette

Funny man Marlon Wayans

Entourage hotty Adrian Grenier

Cutie Pie Omar Epps

Dazzling Cheryl Hines

--Vanessa xoxoxo

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