Monday, April 19, 2010

Chef Master Eric Rupert and son, Restaurant pick of the week, and Fash-scene

On the streets of Georgetown, I stopped for an impromptu chat with world renowned four- star Chef, Eric Ripert. Chef Ripert was very sweet and friendly, but his son stole the show and actually did most of the talking. He was the cutest kid EVER!! Ripert and son, were taking in all the monuments and sights while waiting there turn to hop on the trolley. But Ripert is no stranger to D.C. as he owns and operates West End Bistro --a mixture between French bistro and contemporary American cuisine. In fact Ripert got his start here in D.C. working as a sous chef under Jean- Louis Palladin at the Watergate Hotel. Ripert then followed the lights and set his sights on NYC. His restaurant Le Bernardin was one of four New York City restaurants to be awarded the maximum 3 Michelin stars for excellence in cuisine. Four consecutive times did Le Bernadin receive four stars from the New York Times, making it the only restaurant to maintain exquisite status for that length of time and never dropping a star in ten years. Le Bernadin is often referred to as the Temple of Seafood.

Check out this quick vid below, (listen closely as his exquisite French accent is quite thick) just like he likes his butter I'm sure...and find out which type of food his cutey pie son likes dad to prepare.


Drum roll please...Inspired by my chat with culinary master Eric Ripert, I thought I would try Ripert's restaurant WEST END BISTRO by Eric Ripert, which I had never been to before. I went for lunch. I inhaled the tuna carpaccio which left my taste buds all in a frenzy, washed down the perfectly shucked oysters, and accompanied all this deliciousness with a nice glass of bubbly. (A Rose` from France to be exact) I was not disappointed, the vibrant atmosphere and exquisite service left me pining for more, and reminiscing about my trip to Paris and the south of France. Ahh I am so good at eating french cuisine, now if I could only master the language. Fat chance, I'll stick to the eating... Ok segwaying from food to fashion.



Don't wear matching Khacki pants with those hideous run of the mill strappy sandals. The lady (on the right) could have easily matched her Polo minus the white long sleeve shirt, with a pair of cute wedges, or if she was going for extreme comfort-- go with a cute pair of flats like these from Naot Footwear Mona see below (available at And the guy (to the left) well I am proud that you didn't wear socks with those boring sandals that would be heinous(and a hefty fine would be in serious order) Why not just pair those khakis with a pair of must have Chucks? Fined as a couple $200 dollars

Moving along...

Do NOT wear a white knee-length skirt with burnt leather brown boots and then match it up with your chocolate purse. It's such a mismatched outfit! Choose one main piece--is it the purse, or the skirt, or the boots? Not all three!!! The leather boots are hot so pair them up with a cute pair of jeans, plain t-shirt, and ditch the purse. Fined $300

This stay at home mom from Arlington, Virginia got it right in a well tailored bright canary yellow spring coat from J.Crew. It's casual chic and BOLD. Yellow is always hot when done right. Her casual jeans and understated gold sandals complimented the entire look.

And kudos to this hot flight attendant from Alexandria, Virginia who also did it so right with this cute studded dress from Forever 21. Everybody wants to look fab without paying designer prices. Her gold locks and aviator glasses complimented the entire look and kept her oh so cool while looking oh so caliente.

--Vanessa xoxoxo

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