Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Filler With Great Results Called Selphyl

There's a new dermal filler on the market that is in limited use but is now available in our area.

This new Selphyl filler allows the natural promotion of cell regeneration and aids in the removal of wrinkles. The FDA-approved product is in limited use around the United States and early reports from physicians claim that the results are as good as a face lift.

Dr. Scott Gerrish, Medical Director of Gerrish & Associates Medspa is the first doctor in the DC area to offer Selphyl.

Dr. Gerrish collects a small volume of blood from the patient and through a patented process, separates and concentrates the patients own platelets and fibrin into a matrix. The resulting PRFM can be applied to a treatment area of the face or body to stimulate cell proliferation which promotes the increase of volume and rejuvenation of the skin through a process of targeted tissue re-generation.

The photos to the right show a patient's Before (top) and After (bottom).

The technology used to create Selphyl is not new. It's been around for years for other purposes, such as helping heal sports injuries. It is approved for use on glabella lines, nasolabial folds, acne scars, and postop scars.

Right now Gerrish & Associates is offering 20% off of Selphyl through May 30th. For more information:

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