Monday, February 14, 2011

Wet & Wild New 3 Pan Trio Eyeshadow Palettes & Swatches!

Tulio has done it again lol he found the new 8 pan eyeshadow palettes & also picked up these new 3 pan eyeshadow palettes for me as well. I love that man!! He said it was a struggle but once you see them, get them!! I'm serious.. buy them because they are worth the price & the hunting you might need to do.

Each palette is set with 3 eyeshadows ranging in sparkle, lustre and matte. Each shadow is so pigmented you don't need much to make them go a long way. I can't even express how Wet & Wild has stepped up with the formulas on their eyeshadows. Out of all the drugstore eyeshadows I've tried.. I must say Wet & Wild has taken the cake. Not to say that there isn't great eyeshadows at the drugstore.. but these are the best by far. You get exceptional product for such a affordable price, you are almost shocked. I highly recommend these as well as the 6 & 8 palettes they sell. You really can't lose with any of these eyeshadow palettes.

Again, I recommend staying in touch with your local Walgreens. You can call and ask when shipments come in and most say that it takes up to 24 hrs for the product to hit shelves. Go ahead and ask and they will be happy to help! I also would try a Walgreens out of the way from busy areas, we go to one kind of in a quite neighborhood. Shout out to the Walgreens on Bird Ave in San Jose and the two Ladies who took the time to help search but didn't have. It's hard to find people willing to take the time to look these days. So thank you!!

Swatches & Eyeshadow Palettes

Spoiled brat is perfect for those nights out on the town. This trio is gorgeous and my favorite. The pink is so close in color to Ben Nye's "Azalea". The black sparkle eyeshadow is the perfect touch for a glitzy look.

Silent Treatment is beautiful in person!! the sparkly brown is beautiful in person and the brow bone color is perrrrfect to blend out any harsh line. The lid color is also great for a sexy day time lustre.

I Dream of Greenie is awesome for spring time! I can't wait to rock these greens and the sparkly lime green is my favorite out of the bunch. Pair this with a hot pink lip & you are set!

I'm Getting Sunburned is fantastic!! This is one of my favorites not cause of the beautiful deep sparkly brown or the lovely pink but of the GOLD!!! I LOVEEEE GOLD!!! Hahahaha This gold is so pigmented and paired up with a neapolitan color scheme. This is a must get!

I Got Good Jeans is for sure!! You can do a sexy smokey eye for those days out with friends shopping or take into night time to pair up with a sexy navy dress. This dark blue is worth spending the $3 dollars on this palette. I'm a sucker for all types of blues and it's gorgeous!!!

I wanted this palette as soon as I saw it. It was the one I was most looking forward too.. unfortunately the colors come off a bit sheer. They are very beautiful but this one was the only one you will need to pack on the color. Kinda sucky cause I was looking forward to these bright bold colors. The most pigmented is the blueish green and it's gorgeous. I will still rock this one, but was the least liked out of the bunch.

ONLY $2.99! EACH!

To find a store near you & more information visit:

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