Sunday, February 20, 2011

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17--"Wanna Be On Top?"

On Saturday, Feb. 20th  auditions for America's Next Top Model Cylcle 17 was in full force. Yes ANTM is now in it's 17th cycle and it isn't slowing down a bit!  Miss Tyra Banks brought us the "Real World" for models way back in 2003 and it's still as fierce as ever. And once again the line wrapped around the entire top floor of the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City Mall-- as hundreds of hopeful girls waited in line for hours; all vying for the opportunity to audition  to be chosen as the next "Top Model." But don't take my word for it. Check out the photos here and stay tuned for my interviews with all the girls!

The line wrapped all around the top floor. 

The girls this year had IPads, Ipods and Kindles to keep them company. 

This stunning beauty was already chosen as one of Tyra's favorites from Cycle 14.

All the girls were telling me why they thought they should be chosen. 

This candidate told me that confidence is key. 

One of my absolute top picks for this year. Stay tuned for my interview with this gorgeous gal. 

It's all about the hair. Jalissa had the confidence and character for sure! 

Short spikey hair ala Halle Berry just may have been the theme this year. 

Short, sheen and confidant again was the theme. 

Like mother like daughter! Cute duo for sure. (Mom was just there for moral support.)

Sassy stripes. It was all about being bold and beautiful for these girls!

Look out for my interviews with all the girls from this year's tryouts. And stay tuned as Markette and I will narrow it down to who we think should be in the the Top 3 for the DC auditions.

Check out the previous year's competition:

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