Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Beauty Strategies

Based on the weather so far this November and December we might be in for a frigid winter in the Washington area even if we don't get the "snowmeggedon" of last winter.

The freezing temps and cold wind takes it's toll on our skin, lips and hair and you might already be feeling like your skin is dry and flaky, your lips are parched and your hair is brittle and flyaway.

You'll probably have to step up your beauty routine and bring in the "big guns" so to speak to give them extra attention. has done the research for you and found the highest tech products to address the most basic problems we face this time of year.

If your skin is feeling irritated from the elements it might go against basic instincts to use an exfoliator because you might be afraid of causing more irritation. But any esthetician or skin pro will tell you that you need to remove the dead skin for your products to be more effective. And there are some exfoliators on the market that are more gentle but just as effective.

Kate Somerville is known for enhancing the skin of Hollywood's most famous actressses before walking the red carpet. But her products are available to anyone and her exoliants always get top reviews. For winter her ExfoliKate Gentle ($65) will leave the most sensitive or delicate skin refined and ready for hydration. The product even scored an Allure Beauty Editors 2010 Best of Beauty Award. Kate's Quench Hydrating Mask ($45) would be a perfect follow up treatment to give extra boost to skin that has been exposed to the harsh enviornment. They are available at

is a brand known more for their soaps and scents and for their stores in the mall but they also feature a skin line. Their Ultra Rich Face Cream is just what it says--a dense and creamy formula that is rapidly absorbed and provides hydration for up to 24 hours. The price point is also reasonable at $38 and it is available at L'Occitane stores or at

Our lips are extremely delicate under the best of circumstances but they are very hard to protect or cover up in winter. A simple lip balm in a stick may not be up to the task. And the same principle of exfoliation applies here too. The beauty of Ole Henriksen's African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation ($15) is that it multi-tasks to provide both of these treatments in one. Apparently red tea offers even more anti-oxidants than green or black tea so you're getting all of that protection as well as the hydrating properties of the product. You can find it at

Your hair may be reacting to the drastic change in temperatures from outside to inside and it might be static and flyaway in addition to being brittle. You'll need an intense mask or conditioning treatment to put the moisture back into your locks and prevent further damage Fekkai's Protein RX Reparative Treatment Mask ($29) is made for broken, brittle and weakened hair and would be a great weekly treatment to restore strengh and managablility to your hair. Find it at is your local resource for information and deals on beauty services in the Washington Metro area.

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