Saturday, October 23, 2010



I went to the surgeon yesterday to see about my nose and how long i'll need for recovery before I can get back into shooting.
He had a look at my X-rays, and apparently, I've actually managed to break my nose really badly without even knowing, apparently it's really very bent!

So the surgery is scedueled for late November early December, and i'll need 2 weeks before th bruising goes down, and I actually have to wear a 'facial cast' (whatever the hell that entails) for a couple of day. Brilliant. That'll look so hot.
But afterwards atleast I'll ave a pretty nose to look at.

So now I can either get as many shoots in as possible beforehand, or give myself a short break and wait until after, can't decide which would be better!

My contacts arrived yesterday, now I must photograph them!

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