Saturday, October 2, 2010

African Sahara Inspired Look feat. NYX Cosmetics

I got some Ardell false eyelashes to try out. I recently wore them to a wedding and loved how they came out. So since, I've had a lot of requests to try falsies in a video.. I thought hmm I'll wear them for this look.

Although.. it didn't end up that way haha I had already applied my left eyelash when I went to go record my tutorial. As I was setting up for the tutorial, I noticed my other eyelash was missing!! OMG, Tulio and I spent like 20 minutes lookin' for this damn eyelash! Needless to say, I couldn't find it. So thank goodness I had a pair of dollar lashes I have had for awhile. It worked out, even though really you can't tell I'm wearing them lol but hey, I felt fancy ;D

I hope you like this tutorial, mind the buzzer in the video lol that's to cover up my swearing haha Thanks so much for all of your comments!


What I used:

MAC Painterly Pot
NYX "Yellow" Jumbo Pencil (lid)
NYX "Yogurt" Jumbo Pencil (crease)

NYX "Sahara" (crease/brow bone)
NYX "Sunset" (crease/brow bone)
NYX "Africa" (crease)
NYX "Rust" (crease)
NYX "Eggplant" (crease)
NYX "Algae" (lower lashline)
NYX "Chick" (lid/brow bone)

NYX "Orange" Creme Blush

Revlon "Coral Glow" Lipgloss

Jordana eye pencil in "Coffee Bean"

Directed & Edited: Tulio the most amazing man ever!

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