Thursday, November 10, 2011

Follow the DOT to Rejuvenated Skin!

There's a new laser therapy in town and the name is as easy to remember as a dot--in fact it is DOT Therapy which stands for Dermal Optimal Thermolysis.

Atlantis Medical Wellness Center is offering this new technology in skin rejuvenation for clients looking to improve sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and acne scars.

Unlike previous CO2 laser resurfacing treatments, DOT Therapy is safer, faster and more efficient. Doctors are also able to customize treatment specifically to the patient and even modify treatment during the procedure for various challenges or problems.

Although the results from laser skin resurfacing can be dramatic, the downside has always been the discomfort, downtime and multiple sessions required for optimal results.

With DOT Therapy, treatment time can be as little as 30 minutes to an hour with 3 to 5 days recovery time as opposed to weeks with some other laser treatments.

What exactly happens during a DOT Therapy session? The laser creates thousands of microscopic holes or "dots" in your skin to immediately stimulate skin tightening and collagen production. Because the laser leaves the area around the dots intact, the skin heals more quickly. And yes DOT Therapy is FDA approved.

Dr. Ben Gonzalez, Medical Director of Atlantis says he's impressed with DOT Therapy for it's facelift-like results and the fact it can even be used safely on eyelids.

Atlantis will be offering appointments for DOT Therapy on select dates in November and December including: 11/29, 11/30, 12/5, 12/6, 12/7, 12/9, 12/12, 12/13 & 12/14. And they're offering special introductory pricing which will save you $800 on the procedure. Their price during these dates is $1200 as opposed to the regular price of $2000. You can call Atlantis for your free consultation today at 301-622-3722. is your local resource for information and deals on beauty services in the Washington Metro area.

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