Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Straight Answers About Keratin Treatments

Washington's wilting humidity is about to descend on the area and that means our hair is about to develop a mind of it's own. Those with especially wavy or frizzy hair feel the pain year round. And that's one of the reasons the Brazillian keratin treatment, also known as the "Brazillian Blowout" has gained such a faithful and satisfied following. The treatment makes unmanageable hair behave by straightening and smoothing the strands for up to 4 months.

Some recent news reports have questioned the safety of keratin treatments because some of the hair-smoothing products contain formaldehyde - a chemical the Environmental Protection Agency considers a carcinogen. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, recommended stylists stop using products with formaldehyde, which goes by a number of different names. Because so many women love the treatments and don't want to have to give them up, BeautyInDC.com sought out an area expert who could provide some straight answers on what we need to know about the safety of Keratin.

Jacqui Rodriguez Davis is the the owner of PR Partners www.pratpartners.com at metro center and the energy source for the salon. Jacqui has been in the hair and beauty industry for over twenty years. She is the lead developer of Fresh Look ( a makeover package) as well as one of the creators of Pretty makeup. She has been Nominated five consecutive times by Washingtonian magazine for best in color and for best stylist by City Paper. Her services have long been sought out by Washington women with high expectations. When she is not "behind the chair" you can find her doing fashion shows, photo shoots and most recently on episodes of Ambush Makeovers.

When I asked her whether we should be alarmed or worried about these recent reports Jacqui addressed those concerns and told us what to specifically look for when seeking out keratin treatments:

"The controversy over the keratin treatments you've been hearing so much about in the media is about a specific brand not a specific treatment. As a salon owner, it is imperative that any services rendered are safe for both clients as well as staff. We did a lot of research and testing before we brought in a keratin treatment that was both safe and effective. At PR Partners we use the Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatment www.brazilliankeratin.com. Our stylists must attend a seven hour class before they can test out and be certified to do these treatments.

Formaldehyde is a natural occurring substance found in everything from produce to cosmetics. The controversy is not the formaldehyde found in the products but the formaldehyde exhaust that occurs when heat is applied during the service. OSHA has set safety guidelines for this and Marcia falls well below these limits.

Treatments without formaldehyde do straighten and smooth but not to the extent that the others do. Also, the effects are not as long lasting.

I believe that the products in question are to date available in the U.S. but have been banned in Europe. Clients interested in having a keratin treatment should research and ask their salon for an MSDS sheet which lists all the ingredients and their levels. Being informed is the best way to achieve beautiful, silky and healthy hair."

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