Sunday, March 13, 2011

Circa Nocturna 2011!

Circa Nocturna was EPIC!

Just incredible. The last 5 days have been absolutley exhausting, in total i've had about 14 hours sleep, up every morning at 7 for hair and make-up, and not getting to bed until 2 or 3 the next morning, im asleep on my feet! Thankgod for concealer, I look dead right now.

I flew down to Melbourne with a whole group of models from all around Australia last Tuesday for L'Oreal Fashion Week, which I was walking in Circa Nocturna, the alternative section, for Rebecca Cobbing Couture. Her work is just incredible, what a designer! 40 meters of fencing wire and something like 4000 Swavorski crystals used in total, I didn't want to give my outfit back! Amongst the rehersals and photoshoops we somehow managed to fit in burlesque shows, dinner outings and getting drunk on pear cider, I absolutley love Melbourne!

My outfit was 'Gothic Pirate Wench', and I actually had a pirate ship on my head. And it was a bloody huge one too, we don't do things by halves! It was so heavy I thought I was going to faint at some points during the night, but it was worth it (beauty is pain, ha!).

Here are some of the photos i've gotten from the runway/backstage:

The boat:

Im getting proper shoot photos back from it all soon I hope!

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