Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wrap, Sauna and Glow at Pureskin, LLC

When I first visited Pureskin, LLC www.pureskingbethesda.com in Bethesda I was struck by the futuristic looking equipment in one of the tranquil treatment rooms. The name is also very exotic sounding --the Far Infrared SlimDome Sauna.

After speaking to owner Amy Boyce I know that this equipment may be the answer to the overeating, drinking and generally unhealthy things we may be doing during the holidays or have been doing all year long. SlimDome sauna is a very sophisticated method of deep detoxification for a wide array of conditions. It is helpful for clients dealing with mercury toxicity and post radiation issues to those just looking for improved health and well being. And with holiday parties upon us it might also be a way to relieve some bloating in time to look svelte in your little black dress. You can temporarily lose up to 5 percent of your body weight due to water loss.

And if all of that is not enough to get your attention Amy mentioned one more thing that is truly mind boggling--while you are lying in the SlimDome for your 40 minute treatment you will also be burning 600 calories....it's like a dream come true!

Many of Pureskin's clients do sign up for the treatments as a jump start to a weight loss program. It's also a perfect complement to the Endermologie treatments also offered at the spa. Endermologie which is the FDA approved method of reducing cellulite also stimulates the release of toxins so a session in the SlimDome immediately following will further facilitate that process.

With all of these benefits you might think a session would be quite pricey but the 40 minute sessions only cost $50. According to Amy, "everyone deserves the luxury of beauty and health treatments regardless of budget."

Another popular treatment offered by Pureskin are the Essential Oil Body Wraps. You'll be glowing in many ways after an hour and a half body treatment that offers a facial as a wonderful bonus!

Your treatment begins with a dry brush exfoliation, taking away all of the dead skin and stimulating the circulation. This is followed by a substantial massage rubbing in those 13 essential oils that include pine tree, lavender and geranium. You'll then be wrapped in layers of herbal cotton, chenille and a heated blanket and be "cocooned" for 40 minutes. And while the wrap is targeting the tissue on your body to firm your skin and relieve bloating, you'll receive a facial treatment. It could be an exfoliation with LED light therapy, facial Endermologie or another treatment based on your individual needs.

Amy says that this service is so well received that, "every person that has experienced it has returned for another treatment."

Again for such an extensive treatment, it is reasonably priced with the entire face and body treatment at $160 for the 90 minutes.

Pureskin is natural micro-spa offering non-surgical procedures in private and relaxing surroundings. Let someone know their treatments are on your wish list so they can purchase a package to put under the tree or give yourself a very nice pre-holiday gift!

Pureskin, LLC
4609 Willow Lane

Chevy Chase,
MD 20815

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