Sunday, July 18, 2010

Three Cheers For The Perfect Tan!

After a trip to the beach where I overdid the sun and have the bumps to prove it, I'm more aware than ever that too much sun just isn't healthy or attractive. And of course we've been hearing plenty of news about the dangers of tanning beds. So it seems that self tanners are the way to go even though we have probably all had our issues with applying them or getting uneven results.

Let's hear a big cheer for a product that seems to solve those problems and leaves our skin healthy, glowing and youthful!

Abby Dymond who is a Washington Redskins Cheerleader promotes a tanning system called Sunbrushed Glow that is virtually fail proof, safe and easy. And the way she became involved is an interesting story in itself. Abby was inspired to jon the Sunbrush Organization through her participation in a "Sun safe" outreach project on behalf of the Melanoma Foundation and Sunbrushed, a sponsor of the cheerleaders. Along with her teammate, Ms. Maryland 2006, Brittany Lietz Cicala, a melanoma survivor and Sunbrushed user, she helped educate our youth on the importance of sunscreen and the dangers of tanning beds. She continues this outreach through Sunbrushed Glow, LLC’s professional revolutionary product while promoting the important message of sun safety.

Q: Abby tell us what your product, Sunbrushed Glow does?

A: Sunbrushed is a self-applied tanning system equal to a professional salon spray tan that is easily applied in 5 minutes. With this “sun safe” product you simply wash your skin’s surface using the tanning solution with a special micro-fiber washcloth. The bronzed tan result is immediate and during at least a five-hour waiting period your golden tan will continue to darken. Your result will be a Sunbrushed glow...

With a Sunbrushed Multi-tan kit you can apply 6 to 8 full body tans. Included in the Multi-tan kit is everything you need for an application of Sunbrushed: tanning formula, micro-fiber cloth, after care lotion, exfoliant, gloves and a hair tie. A Sunbrushed tan can last 3-10 days. The tan is different for everyone. It depends on your skin type, how you naturally exfoliate, and how you care for your skin following the tanning session.

Q: How do you apply it?

A: Application is so easy. The entire process takes no more than 10 minutes. Put on the gloves provided, tie up your hair with the hair-tie in the kit and pour the Sunbrushed solution into a clean bowl. Soak the micro-fiber cloth in the solution until it is saturated completely and then squeeze out excess solution so that the cloth is damp, not dripping wet. Then simply wash on Sunbrushed all over your body like you would wash yourself with a washcloth. Go over hands lightly by pulling back the top of the glove and feet lightly.

A bronzed tan effect is immediate so you will be able to see exactly where you’re applying the product. When you’re finished, pour the solution from the bowl into the Sunbrushed container and put the cloth in the container and close it. This is how Sunbrushed is stored until your next use. Wait a few minuets to dry before putting on clothing and be sure not to get wet or sweat excessively during this time.

After a period of 6-8 hours take a shower and you will be left with a Sunbrushed glow. The kit provides after care lotion and moisturizing exfoliant to use before you tan to even out blotchy skin or after a few days to scrub off excess product.

Sunbrushed is great because you can apply the product and go about your day. You won’t look “muddy or dirty” like most products look when applied and Sunbrushed smells good so no one will notice you’re wearing it – Sunbrushed has a pleasant almond scent. Most people say it smells more like sunscreen, not self-tanner.

Q: What are the advantages of using this product as opposed to getting regular sun or going to a tanning salon?

A: Healthy, youthful skin.

With Sunbrushed you can achieve a SAFE and healthy tan without damaging your skin. The Sunbrushed method is the only FDA-approved safe way to tan.

The American Academy of Dermatology states there is no safe tan from a tanning bed. There is compelling and irrefutable scientific evidence tanning beds that emit ultraviolet radiation cause skin cancer - including melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. The FDA also advises avoiding an all over spray or mist that is difficult to avoid exposure in a manner for which it is not approved, including exposure in the area of the eyes, lips, mucous membrane or internally. The Sunbrushed wash-on formula is safe!

There are many more advantages to using Sunbrushed besides caring for the health of your skin. The Sunbrushed wash-on method virtually eliminates most problems associated with self-tanners.

A Sunbrushed Glow gives you:

· No orange color
· No blotching or streaking
· No offensive odor
· No complicated application process
· A convenient process
· Relief from having to hold your breath during application
· Privacy to apply the product in your own home
· A Sunbrushed tan is a fraction of the cost of salon spray tans and gives the same professional result.

Q: What has been the reaction from users of the product?

A: The reaction I get from first time users is overly positive and thankful! Users finally feel they have a professional, easy solution to sunbathing and a professional sun safe tanning option. Many Sunbrushed users stop using tanning beds completely. They are more aware of the risks of tanning, so they use sunscreen more often. They also don’t waste time and money on spray tans. Sunbrushed users are loyal, happy tanners. Many people can often be heard saying – “Sunbrushed for life!”

To order Sunbrushed Glow or find out more about Abby or the product just go to is your local resource for information and deals on beauty services in the Washington Metro area.

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