Saturday, June 5, 2010

Deal or No Deal? Grilled Shrimp + Shark Empanadas, $23.70

Grilled Shrimp + Shark Empanadas, $23.70

I was directed to this restaurant after arriving at Market 28, a tourist trap of a shopping center in downtown Cancun. I asked my cab driver where the best Mexican food was and he sent me to El Cejas, which literally means "The Eyebrows."

There, I was met by a straight-faced, burly man with bushy eyebrows standing behind a cash register. Apparently, he was the bean counter (no pun intended), the owner, and the inspiration behind the restaurant's peculiar name.

This marked the beginning of a culinary adventure that - although tasty - put a serious dent into my shopping budget...

I was impressed by the main course, considering it was from a food stand at an open-air market with pictures on its menu...

And the appetizer was tasty, too!
(Deep fried empanadas filled with shark meat -- tastes like chicken)

But, I dunno. Is $23.70 too much to pay for a meal from a place with pictures on its menu?

What do you think? Is this a DEAL or NO DEAL? Here are some details to help you decide:

Menu Item: Grilled Shrimp and Shark Empanadas for an appetizer.

Price: $23.70

Restaurant: El Cejas

Cuisine: Mexican

Neighborhood: Market 28, Cancun Centro, Mexico

What the menu tells you you'll get: Since this is a place with pictures on its menu, it was a "what you see is what you get" type of set up

What I actually got: Seven medium-sized shrimp (shell and eyes still attached topped with a garlic sauce, a cup-sized portion of Mexican rice and steamed vegetables.

The appetizer came with three small empanadas filled with shark meat.

So what's your opinion: Deal or no deal? Post your thoughts in the comments section.



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