Monday, August 10, 2009

Enhancing Your Makeup--Permanently!

I fantasize about waking up with my makeup already done--eyeliner, eyebrows and lipliner perfectly applied and remaining that way throughout the day.

Especially during summer months when your makeup is melting and even the waterproof stuff isn't doing it's job you may really be tempted to think about permanent makeup as an option.

There are lots of reasons people do it which I discussed some with Patricia Bardavid who is founder and director of Laser Plus in Vienna and Ashburn, VA.

Patricia is an experienced RN who became an electrologist before opening Laser Plus in 1987
. Shocked at the lack of regulations governing electolysis, Patricia became internationally board certified in 1990 (CPE) so clients can be assured of the quality and professionalism when receiving treatments at Laser Plus which include laser hair removal, electrolysis, photo facials, microdermabrasion and permanent makeup.

You are instantly put at ease by Patricia's compassionate nature and impressed by her obvious passion and knowledge of her field.

Q: What exactly is Permanent Makeup?

Bardavid: Permanent cosmetics is a tattoo that is applied to the skin. Many techniques have been used for hundreds of years to beautify women!

Q: What are some of the reasons people decide to have it applied?

Bardavid: People who have lost their eyebrows or eyelashes from over plucking, over waxing or chemotherapy. People with blond hairs that don’t show up and for busy women who workout, sweat, and/or want to wake up with their makeup still in place. Also, there’s no smudging or smearing. Great for after surgery for areola enhancement.

Q: Is there any recovery or down-time involved?

Bardavid: Our Softap method is gentle. The safe non-allergenic ink is applied with a pen like tool so there is no “down time” and no bleeding or swelling. It takes about an hour. You can get it done and go to lunch or go on vacation that day!

Q: What is your training?

Bardavid: I took a 40-hour training program with SofTap in California. I’m also an R.N. so I understand sterile techniques and infection control.

Q: Is there any risk involved in getting Permanent Makeup?

Barsdavid: No, that is why it’s called SofTap, no risks. Although I will ask someone with Diabetes or serious health issues to get written permission from their doctor. For example, I did a patient with a heart transplant and the oldest patient I have ever done (eyebrow design) was an 87 year old who came in with her walker and her caretaker. She was one of my happiest patients.

Q: Is the procedure truly permanent or are touch ups required at some point?

Bardavid: Touchups vary if the patients are spending a lot of time in the sun or are Retin-A users. A touchup is needed in 5 to 7 years. If I originally did the work, a touchup costs $100.

Q: Are your clients pleased with the results?

Bardavid: Yes, thank goodness! My specialty is eyebrow design and I’m very particular that they are even and compliment the patients face and lifestyle. I have done an opera singer, belly dancers, and someone who had alopecia totalis (no hair anywhere).

Q: Can you give us an idea of cost?

Bardavid: The costs are $350 for Eyebrow design, $175 for the tails of the eyebrows, $300 for first eyeliner(upper or lower) and $200 for the second eyeliner(upper or lower).

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