Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Botox Is Not A Party Favor!

The idea of a group of girlfriends pampering themselves with a spa party at home is one we all find pretty enticing...and getting a group together for mani/pedis, facials and massages is about as good as it gets!

But is it a good idea to introduce something like Botox into the same setting and are there some problems that could result?

There has been some publicity about how much fun and economical it can be to get rid of your lines while enjoying a fun evening of eating and drinking at a Botox party in your home with your girlfriends, but Dr. Roberta Palestine, founder and medical director of the Dermatology & Clinical Skin Care Center in Bethesda, MD (www.dermskin.com) cautions that you could regret attending one.

Although Botox is very effective at smoothing wrinkles, especially our frown area and crow's feet, it's also a potent substance that is better done in a medical setting where the conditions and enviornment are more controlled.

And although most people tolerate Botox very well with no problems or complications, Dr. Palestine says that certain medical conditions and medications are contraindications to Botox so a medical record and documentation should occur which can be lacking in a party atmosphere. Alcohol is often being served at these parties so the instructions to stay upright for 4 hours is more difficult to ensure and there have been TV clips showing Botox syringes laying right next to the hors d'oeuvres! Not to mention that placement of Botox in the right area is important but may be compromised in an house setting with less than optimal lighting.

So although Botox is great and so are wine and cheese parties maybe they're not so great together. Most doctors, including Dr. Palestine, are more than happy to accommodate a group of friends coming to the office to receive their Botox and offer each other support. That might be the better and safer way to have the experience with your friends and save the living room for all that other pampering you deserve!

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